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Dental exams are a vital component in attaining a beautiful, healthy smile. A professional dental exam is designed to catch & diagnose existing problems and prevent future dental problems. While your teeth may not be currently painful, there can be problems quietly developing beneath you gums and tooth surfaces that can be discovered by a thorough dental examination. Regular six-month dental exams are important for optimal dental health and diagnosing problems at their earliest stages.                    


As a brand new patient to Quest dental, your first visit is an opportunity for you to get-to-know your dentist and dental team.  Every patient is unique and our dental team will take the time to become acquainted with you and your dental health even if you've received regular dental care from another dentist. A thorough comprehensive exam is an important first step in the process for a healthy mouth. Your dentist will first examine your medical history to specifically tailor your dental treatment to ensure optimal overall health. During the examination, the dentist will look not only at your teeth for signs of disease but will also thoroughly evaluate soft-tissue for any abnormalities and your bone & gums for any signs of active infection.  A full-mouth of current X-rays will be taken during your dental appointment to enable the dentist to discover any disease existing below the surface of your teeth and gums. Any areas of concern or discovered problems will be discussed with you and all treatment options explained in full detail.


When you have become an established patient at Quest dental, a periodic dental exam and cleaning is recommended at least every six months in order to help prevent dental problems. Your dental hygienist will clean & polish your teeth and also occasionally take updated X-rays of your teeth and bone. Your dentist will perform a clinical examination to diagnose any current problems, recommended treatment, or ensure a healthy mouth!


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