3 Reasons why Pediatric Dentistry is Invaluable

Who are Pediatric dentists? And why should your child see them instead of a regular dentist? That’s what most parents wonder. Pediatric dentists are known for being your child’s mouth savers and for parents, an absolute blessing. They are doctors specially meant for treating young children. Dental procedures and surgeries mostly scare and intimidates children. So in order to treat their oral diseases, it requires special methods to coerce your child to not only trust but gain interest in knowing their mouth better.

A Eugene Kids Dentist sees patients from newborns to people under 18 years of age. Parents should take their children for a dental visit from an early age in order for them to get a proper habit as well as to identify any unusual activity like cavities and gum bleeding that are common and a cause of worry in most children. Healthy mouth habits will prevent your child from facing any serious or severe conditions in the future and this way you can avoid procedures like root canals and tooth extractions that children absolutely despise. There are many reasons why a pediatric dentist is different from an ordinary dentist. Here are some of those:

1. Attitude:

Pediatric dentists are trained in their two year degree to teach them about different ways to get the child to be friendly with them. Words do matter, but what matters more than words is how you present it. Trust needs to be built between the dentist and the patient in order to get the information out of them and to let the child be comfortable throughout the checkup. Pediatricians especially go to lengths to make sure to make children feel comfortable enough to share their problems with their dentist. Creative techniques and gifts are given to appreciate their honesty.

2. Nature:

Minds of children work differently from adults and they take a moment to assess you to consider if you are their friend or not. Positive and cheerful tones lure them in to your words and you can easily tell them about dental hygiene and why brushing your teeth is important. Pediatric dentists are trained to be very patient around children as mainly children are not cooperative and get scared easily. Soft spoken attitude as well as special dental equipment are used which are specially designed for children. Children are also asked for consent before every move and maneuver the dentist makes in order to not startle the child.


Teaching children how they should take care of and to aware them about different diseases is significant. Teaching them by actions will make them remember it. Normal dentists don’t get creative with the awareness as they aren’t trained for it. Children get fascinated by actions and to help them feel comfortable around you so they can understand what you’re saying is very important. Aside from that, pediatric dentists are also a blessing for new parents who don’t know when to take their child to visit or how to take care of their child’s oral hygiene.
So, the next time your child makes a fuss about going to the dentist, take them to a pediatric dentist, they’ll charm them in such a way that your child will even be excited for the next appointment.

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