5 Bad Dental Habits Hurting Your Kids

Although healthy dental habits in children take time to develop, parents must avoid forming unhealthy habits and giving their children future dental problems. Your child will need to brush his/her teeth for a long time before they are healthy. The bad thing is that you might be teaching them how not to brush their teeth! Teach your child how to do it correctly and help them with the right toothbrush.

1. Not Visiting the Dentist

Many parents believe that children do not need to visit the dentist until they have a dental issue. In truth, regular dental check-ups at Dental Eugene Oregon are an important component of good dental care.. Dental check-ups, in addition to providing a thorough cleaning for your youngster, can help prevent future dental problems and identify any serious bad dental habits or other concerns at their earliest stages when they’re easier to cure. To provide your kid with a healthy smile, make sure they visit the dentist twice a year.

2. After Brushing, Swallowing Toothpaste Is Dangerous

Brushing their teeth is an essential component of good dental care, according to children. However, because toothpaste tastes wonderful in order to encourage kids to brush, they frequently swallow it as if it were sweet. Many parents believe that this is a harmless practice and are only pleased that their children are brushing their teeth and implementing good dental care. Excessive intake of fluoride through swallowing, on the other hand, can result in brown spots on the child’s teeth called fluorosis.

3. Taking a Too-Long Sucking Their Thumb

When parents inquire about how to break negative dental behaviors, they usually mean thumb sucking. It’s such a typical kid pastime that many parents believe they have no choice but to wait until their child outgrows it. However, if it becomes a habit, teeth can shift forward and misalign their bite. This may lead to more serious problems with talking, pronunciation, chewing, and cleaning that necessitate orthodontic treatment in the future.

Bad Dental Habits

4. Going to bed with baby bottles filled with juice or milk

When your kids consume a bottle of milk or juice before bed, the sugars in these beverages stay on their teeth for hours. Over time, this may lead to tooth decay and discolored teeth. What should you do if your child has a bad dental habit? To remove the sugars from the surface of teeth, simply rinse their mouth first thing in the morning. You may also dilute their evening juice with additional water to make it less sweet.

5. To Cut Their Fingernails, They Use Their Teeth

Many children use their teeth as instruments to trim their overgrown nails. Unfortunately, this can harm the delicate tooth enamel and cause sensitivity by exposing the tooth’s fragile root. However, you may prevent this problem from developing by cutting the child’s nails on a regular basis.

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