Can I Whiten Crowns or Capped Teeth?

Crowns are a wonderful method to repair damaged and decaying teeth. Crowns, however, aren’t made of the same substance as your teeth. That implies the technique for best teeth whitening for crowns and fillings is different. Many individuals are unsure if there’s a means to brighten a crown after having dental work done on their teeth.

Capped Teeth

Is it possible to whiten a tooth crown?

The American Dental Association (ADA) says that dental crown whitening treatments will not affect the color of your crowns. A crown’s color will not change after it is placed in your mouth. If your natural teeth begin to yellow or get discolored, consider whitening them to match the brightness of your brighter crowns.

If you have at least one crown on your teeth, see Dr. Lassen. He will be able to suggest the best solution for keeping your crowns and natural teeth as white as possible. In no time, you’ll be smiling with confidence!

Additionally, obtaining dental care requires our dentists’ assistance. Our dentists can see your teeth and gums during these appointments to look for problems, such as cavities. Keeping track of your oral health both in and out of our office is essential not just for your mouth, but also for your entire body.

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