Kid’s oral health tips for parents

Did you know a kid smile 400 times a day while an adult 15 times? Then why we neglect kid’s primary teeth labeling them ‘baby teeth’? A point to ponder! If you are a new parent, you must have a ton of queries regarding your kid’s oral health care.

We have the answer to all your questions, from when to start brushing your kid’s teeth to how to make brushing a habit. Here are a few tips if you are new to parenthood or awaiting your bud.

Tips for kid’s oral health care

Take care of your infant’s oral hygiene

Your kid doesn’t have teeth yet, and you’re worried about his oral health care. There is no doubt that an infant is only on the dairy feed, but he still needs oral hygiene. Wondering why? There is sugar in milk that can remain on gums. Damp a clean cloth with warm water, and run it on the gums to clear off any residues.

Do not let your child sleep with a feeding bottle

If your child is between 2-4 years of age, he might be on a feeding bottle. Babies have a habit to sleep with sipping cups or feeding bottles in their mouths. You should surely avoid this. Not only us, but a baby should also sleep with a clean oral cavity. Make a habit of brushing teeth before bed, and no more sips after that.

Kid’s oral health tips for parents

A little goes a long way!

Minimize the amount of toothpaste you’re applying to a baby toothbrush. There’s a reason behind it. Fluoride is good for oral health, but excessive fluoride is hazardous for the digestive system. Because babies under age 2 do not know how to spit, can swallow it. A grain rice amount of toothpaste can do its job wonderfully with a lesser risk for stomach upset.

Kid’s oral health tips for parents 1

Limit intake of candies and chocolates

When kids went to the mall, they are never coming back without getting a candy floss. Impossible! Moreover, they are also used to sneak out of bed and eat all the leftover chocolates from the refrigerator. Extra sugar in the chocolates can lead to tooth decay. So you have to limit their number of chocolates. Make it 2 each day to prevent cavities.

Make brushing a fun activity for your kids

If you’re anxious about your 5-6 year kid not brushing his teeth, then you can induce his brushing habit in two ways:

  1. Next time when you go grocery, choose fun dental products for your youngster. He will enjoy more while brushing his teeth with his favorite cartoon character toothbrush. You can also add playing dental tools to his toy collection.
  2. Each time the kid brushes his teeth on his own, give him his favorite chocolate. He will soon learn to brush his teeth with this reward method.

Summing it up

While you’re following all these tips, don’t forget to take your kid on a regular dental visit. It is equally important. You should check a dentist every 6 months for a regular dental checkup of your lad.

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