My Invisalign Trays Are Yellow, What Can I Do?

Invisalign® is a popular choice when it comes to straightening teeth, instead of traditional braces. The trays, on the other hand, may invisalign turning yellow or discolored as a result of poor maintenance. Fortunately, if that’s the case, there are a variety of methods to get rid of the unsightly stains. Continue reading to learn how to whiten invisalign trays.


Cleaning clear Invisalign aligners

There are many different stain removal solutions for clear aligners. Some cleaning chemicals are more successful at removing stains than others, while some work better at removing plaque or food waste from the aligners. The following is a list of some of the suggested cleaning products suggested by Dental Eugene Oregon:

Water and Invisalign crystals

For removing stains or discoloration from transparent Invisalign aligners, a combination of Invisalign cleaning crystals works effectively. Fill a container with enough crystal solution to fully submerge the aligner trays and add a package of crystals. To dissolve the salt, turn on the burner and heat the water for a few seconds. Place the aligners in the solution and leave them to soak for 15 minutes. Rinse the trays in warm water before wearing or storing them in the carrying case after.

Hydrogen peroxide

The combination of 50 percent hydrogen peroxide and water is another effective method for getting rid of discoloration. Baking soda can also assist eliminate plaque and food particles from the aligners by adding to the solution. To finish the procedure, use half water, two teaspoons of baking soda, and a 50 percent concentration of hydrogen peroxide. Depending on the severity of the stains on the trays, it might take a few hours for them to fully vanish. If the stain is severe, you may want to sock your aligners overnight.

Invisalign Trays


If a small amount of vinegar is used, it can be used to clean Invisalign trays. To do so, combine one part vinegar with three parts water. Allow the aligners to soak in the solution for at least 20 minutes before brushing and rinsing them with clear water.

Storing aligner trays without staining them

The most common reasons for stained invisalign aligners are poor oral hygiene and drinking too many colored beverages. It’s difficult to fully clean a stained aligner, so it’s better to prevent stains from forming in the first place. Before drinking anything other than water, remove the aligners and rinse your mouth well to get rid of food remnants before replacing them.

Patients should remember to rinse their aligners after removing them. This practice should be incorporated into one’s daily oral care regimen. Only lukewarm water should be used since hot and cold water can cause deformation. The aligners should be cleaned after every brushing with a mild cleaning solution. The aligners may be damaged by abrasive chemicals or vigorous scrubbing.

Final note

Fortunately, you’ll only have to wear the aligners for a few weeks, allowing you to replace them as soon as possible. However, if you’re concerned about your Invisalign trays discoloring, follow the techniques outlined in this article to remove the stains. Remember that good oral hygiene is crucial for the treatment’s success.

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