Obvious Signs That You Need to See a Dentist

While a toothache can be annoying, it is not always indicative of anything serious. Unfortunately, there are some dental problems that cannot be ignored and need to be addressed in the emergency room immediately. Some dental issues can wait until a scheduled appointment with your Dentist Eugene Oregon, but there are also common problems that should never be delayed. Getting these issues looked at as soon as possible could save you from major (and very expensive) issues down the line.

Obvious Signs That You Need to See a Dentist

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Let’s talk about some of the signs that may indicate that you should see a dentist right away:

A Cracked, Broken, or Loose Tooth

These sorts of things are common as sports injuries or part of auto accidents. If you crack, break, loosen, or even just straight up lose a tooth, you should get in to see a dentist right away. If you seek dental treatment quickly, you can sometimes save the tooth or at least repair it at the dentist’s office. If your tooth comes out, try not to touch the root. Save it and bring it to your dental appointment in a small cup of milk.

Dental Crown or Filling Comes Out

This is also something that isn’t terribly uncommon. If you have a dental crown fall off or a filling comes out, you will want to schedule an appointment with your dentist right away. The sooner you get in to see the dentist, the less likely that you will have any major problems.

Dental Abscess

If you have a dental abscess, they may require dental surgery. Some of the most common symptoms of an abscess include pus, a foul taste, swollen glands, and even fever.


If you start experiencing headaches there could be many causes, and tooth pain or oral health problems are sometimes the culprit. Visiting a dentist or a doctor will help you get a clearer picture of what could be causing the headaches and help you find a solution that will eliminate them.

Bleeding Gums

If you have gums that are bleeding, that is not a good sign for your oral health. In fact, it is usually a sign of gingivitis or even periodontal disease. The easiest solution is often to make sure that you are doing a better job of brushing and flossing, but in some cases, you may need to see a dentist. Especially if it is particularly bad and not improving. Tackling gingivitis early is important because it can usually be treated fairly easily and it can even be reversed if it is dealt with quickly.

You Haven't Seen A Dentist in 6 Months or Longer

Teeth are a vital part of our body, but we often take them for granted. If you’ve been putting off seeing a dentist, it may be time to make an appointment and take care of your mouth.

At the end of the day, it should be noted that just because you are not in pain does not mean that you do not need dental treatment. In fact, it is recommended that you see a dentist at least once every six months. Doing so can help you stay pro-active and will help you and your dentist stay out in front of potential problems with your oral health.

Treating any potential problems early on will almost always result in less pain and smaller dental bills.

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