What Should You Do Before Getting a Dental Crown?

An artificial cap, known as a dental crown, is used to strengthen a tooth that lacks enough healthy tooth tissue. Each crown is made to fit your needs and anatomy, and it is typically made of porcelain or ceramic. As well as covering discolored or irregularly shaped teeth, crowns also act as fillings, preventing weak teeth from breaking. One or more teeth can benefit from them by improving their performance and aesthetics.

There are typically two steps and two appointments involved in placing a crown. When you schedule an appointment with our dentist Eugene OR, what should you expect during the procedure?


A First Visit For Dental Crown

A technician with experience making crowns and other types of implants will make a mould of your tooth during your initial visit. Your new crown will be made to fit perfectly and match the color of your teeth. Usually, it blends in with your teeth’s shade by matching it.

During your initial visit, you can expect to receive an X-ray of the damaged tooth and the surrounding bone tissue. An anaesthetic will be administered by the dentist close to the tooth to keep you relaxed and pain-free.

The dentist will now file down part of your natural tooth so that it can accommodate the new crown and prepare a surface for it. When too much of the tooth is missing due to decay or damage, additional filling material will be used to create enough structure for the crown to rest on.

After the tooth has been reshaped, a special paste and mould tray is used to make an impression of the tooth and its surrounding area. Calibration is done to ensure that the impression corresponds to the way you usually bite.

At the end of the initial appointment, your dentist will place a temporary crown over the tooth to protect it and restore its functionality until the final crown is inserted at the second appointment.

In the first visit, the procedure typically takes 60 to 90 minutes.


In between the two visits

Between your initial appointment and subsequent appointments, your dentist sends your impressions to a dental laboratory or an internal technician who creates the crown from the mould. Two to three weeks after the crown is completed, it is delivered back to your dentist’s office.


Follow-Up Visits

In the follow-up appointment, the crown will be attached permanently. Your dentist will remove the temporary crown and examine the new one for fit and color. After giving you local anesthesia again, your dentist will clean and re-fill the mount to remove any debris or flaws.

The crown will now be positioned in its final location using a special adhesive. After the glue has “cured” for about 10-15 minutes, he will check for fit and adhesion, and remove any excess glue.

Before calling the procedure a success, your dentist checks the new crown’s fit meticulously. In some cases, the surface of the crown may need to be filed down in order to match your bite precisely.

The second follow-up appointment usually takes about an hour.

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